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What is a high power resistor?

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What is a resistor

Resistor is generally called resistance directly in daily life. It is a current-limiting element. After the resistor is connected to the circuit, the resistance of the resistor is fixed, usually two pins, which can limit the current through the branch connected to it. The resistance that cannot be changed is called a fixed resistor; the resistance that is variable is called a potentiometer or a variable resistor.

What is a high-power resistor

High-power resistors mainly refer to various types of resistors with higher power than conventional resistors. The size of the power is relative to the conventional one, not the absolute amount of resistance above the power.

What are the functions of high-power resistors

The function of high-power resistors is usually current limiting and voltage division. They are generally used as resistors for balanced output of power supplies and power amplifiers, and are often used as loads in circuit load tests.

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