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Avent Labs Test 500 (Test Blend) 500 mg/cc Injectable Steroid

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Manufacturer: Avent Labs,
Test Mixture 500 mg/ml,10ml vial
Test 500 [Cypionate & Enanthate]

Testosterone - Test 500 made of [Cypionate & Enanthate]
Avent Labs Test 500 (Test Blend) Injectable Steroid is a testosterone cypionate and enanthate blend that offer a very strong long-acting ability to build maximum muscle mass and muscle density fast. Since it aromatizes readily and it requires a combination stack with anti-estrogen drugs. These anabolic steroids are best stacked with boldenone and primobolan for developing high degree of muscularity and maintaining that lean physique.

Dosage: Testosterone - Test 500 Injection
Most bodybuilders and athletes do well with dosages of 300-1000 mg of testosterone cypionate & enanthate per week.

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